Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Everything in Río Zarco is Good

Everything in Río Zarco is good, Natali got baptized yesterday and it was an amazing baptism service, she had been wanting to get baptized for a long time but never could, so her son got baptized without her (the one in the shirt and tie, he's 10 years old) and when his Mom finally got baptized 5 months later he stood up in front of a room full of people and gave a talk about baptism. PILAS!!!!  It really was incredible and we could feel the Spirit so strongly, he's going to be a great missionary. 

So right now were working a lot with a man named Ernesto, we found him my first week in the area and he's come to church the last two weeks, the date we put for him (to be baptized) is the 28th so keep him in your prayers that he can be ready!

This week we also had an incredible experience with an investigador named Christian, he's a baker (that's a very common profession here) and bakers ALWAYS sell bread Sunday. Sunday is the BEST day to sell bread, and everyone knows it.  Well, we got Christian to start coming to church but he always came after selling bread. We'd taught him about the Sabbath day but he didn't have enough faith to put it into practice.  Anyway, Saturday when we went to talk to him he told us (to our great shock and wonder) that the last three Sundays he hadn't gone to sell because he wanted to test what we had taught him. He told us that he has never sold more bread. That his business is taking off, he's going to hire two more workers to sell and start renovating his house to work more efficiently. But apart from that, he said the greatest blessing he's received is this sense of "change" he said he feels a change in himself, that he feels good, and that he doesn't want it to go away. So he read in Alma 32 about the seed of Faith that grows after experimenting with the Word of God. We invited him to baptism and he said Yes! There is just some paper work to take care of, but we hope that in March he'll be able to.

The sinks that the missionaries use to wash
their clothes is very low to the ground -
something that fit's the locals just fine.  For
Nicholas it's much easier just to kneel.

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