Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Nicholas Turns 20!

I had a great birthday.  A family in the ward ,my companion and the other missionaries all threw a traditional Latin surprise party, (which consists of egg shells full of flour and confetti, smashing my face in a cake, and lots of balloons and pictures).  I really did not see it coming at all.

The work here is really good, my favorite thing I learned this week was in Alma 47, the story about Amalikiah and Lehonti, and how Amalikiah convinces him to come down the mountain.  My companion and I made a lesson plan out of the story and went to go teach a less active family (La Familia Lopez).  The Spirit was definitely present and the Lord helped Brother Lopez overcome his doubts and stay on the mountain. 

It's lame that I'm not going to be able to come home in time for the Temple dedication, but I'm really exited to help you out with all the Temple work, in the mission we can only go 2 times a year, so I get really temple baggy. 


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